“So we run”

We run from Pain

We run from Hurt

We run from the Past

We run from Love

We run from Life

We run from Truth

We run from Fear

We all run. We all run for our own reasons. We run because something in us is telling us we have to.

We hide from those that know us

We hide from the wrongs we’ve done

We hide from true love

We hide from any truth at all

We hide from unfamiliar territory

We hide from the light

We hide from anything that will show us as we are

We all hide. We hide when we are afraid. We simply hide because it is easier to hide than it is the face the world.

Once we have stopped running, and once we have stopped hiding we are left just at we started. Nothing has been solved. Nothing has changed. And worse yet, we may have run too far. We may have hidden for too long.

We may now have lost touch with any sense of reality. We may have lost touch with anything that could have helped us had we only stopped sooner.

And yet is seems that nothing or no one could have stopped us. Fight or Flight. When we are not ready to fight, or we are just not capable of fighting all there is left to do is run, and inevitably hide.

There will come a time when you can run no further. There will come a time when you cannot hide any longer.

There will however never be a time when what you have run from goes away. It will always be there. Until one day, you are ready and willing to fight.

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