The Search for Words

To be a writer and to be unable to put words to something is unfathomable.

It’s like dying of thirst whilst being surrounded by a sea of saltwater.

It’s like being enveloped in flames only to be doused by even more gasoline.

To have a feeling that I can scarcely form a thought around, let alone polish it into a perfectly posed prose, that is profound.

It’s elusiveness makes it all the more alluring.

I’ll take the thirst.

I’ll keep the fire smoldering.


Okay, So now I am at the Airport.  Waiting!  I am not very patient so this is tough.

At the moment I am sort of feeling like my girlfriend is ignoring me.  I’m sure she is just busy at work….  I hope.  But I really feel like I am being ignored.  I don’t want the good stuff to fade away.

 I live for the good stuff.  I live for the butterflies.  I live for the feeling that her voice puts in my stomach!  The little flip my heart does every time i see a new text message.  But lately, the past two days, she has not been the one texting me????

Call Me A Copy Cat…

Good Evening!  I am excited about this for sure!  Just recently got into this Blogging business and I love it!  A good friend of mine turned me on to blogging through his own easy reading, riveting page turner.  So thanks for that Malfatti!  However tonight I am all blogged out….  More tomorrow for sure!

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