Today, as every day is a new day.  And today I can honestly say has been the best in weeks.  I finally had success at the office today.  Things are now moving in the direction that I had hoped for.  This would be where the lesson of patience has paid off!

Thank you to all of you who have taughtme the art of patience.  It is not something I am comfortable with yet, but I’m getting there.

Thank goodness for do overs!  My father and I spoke today for a long while.  This  felt wonderful, as it has been a long time since we have had the time to spend one on one.  I love that man for all that he is; his strengths, and weaknesses alike.

 Right now I have to say that I am blown away my my mothers comment on my “Optimists Creed” post.  It touches my heart.  But, at the same time worries me.  Makes me wonder if I am spending too much time thinking and not enough time living…

 So in response i will say this, I went to Ballroom class tonight, and had a wonderful time.  Again this is something that I can freely give myself to with no worry of giving too much.  Following my lesson I got together with my very good friend Tracy.  We proceeded to head out and go line dancing!  A little bit on the other end of the spectrum, but hey that’s me! 

 That girl is a reminder of why we keep putting ourselves out there.  We found each-other when we had both least expected to find anything.  And ours is a relationship that will continue to grow, and be cherished for years to come.

 Goodnight all, another new day is waiting for us on the horizon!

Because when I dance, I can’t feel anything but the music…

“You scare me a little bit.  No human being dances as much as you do.”

Well my friends, I live for it.  I dance the minute I swing my feet off the bed in the morning.  I dance in the shower.  I find myself doing some odd hop or skip type thing on the way to my car.  I dance when I am making coffee, hell I dance while I’m drinking coffee. (by the way I don’t recommend that)

When I dance, my mind isn’t thinking about anything except the steps.  My heart feels nothing but the beat of the bass line.  Even my sight is impared, as my eyes soften their focus.

So you ask what it is that is so alluring to me about dancing for 6 hours a day?  What isn’t?  Who doesn’t want to forget about the world for six hours.  One hour, heck one minute.  When my heart is racing from dancing so hard, it isn’t racing from thinking too hard, or feeling too much.

Sure I have weeknesses on the dance floor too.  But those can all be corrected through action.  They can all be perfected over time.  There is no other time that I am not thinking about something I would rather be doing.  While I am dancing, there couldn’t be anything I’d like to do more.

In conclusion:  Dance your ass off.  Please just dance.  Forget about people looking at you, because they aren’t.  They are too busy watching their own feet, or trying to pic someone up, or texting on their phone.  All you need to worry about it letting go.  Let go of all the stuff that weights you down every day.  Let go of all of it, throw it on the hardwood and stomp, shimmy, and shake your ass all over it!

Off to class!!!

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