Is it Possible to Ignore Our Fears…?

Well, It has again been a wonderful weekend! 

“Dude, get away from my… girlfriend!”  Duh, Jenn-1 Col-1

Perhaps it is possible to cast the fear aside.  But in the same sense, maybe we don’t have to.  Maybe we can still be scared, and cautious.  Is it possible that all we need to do is talk about this?

I found a Poem that seems to say quite a bit of what I am feeling this afternoon!

“I think of you every day.
While you cannot be here,
I am already there
In my mind
Fading behind city bustle, the present moment wanes.
A distant image, reflected only in photographs.

I never know when I’ll see you again
If I’ll ever see you again
So I treasure the one poem, the only picture I have of you
I hold them tight, never to let you go.

And I wonder sometimes,
Have I completely lost my mind?

We’re friends, I chant to myself:
As if chanting would somehow change the truth
Somehow soothe the soul
Somehow calm the questioning mind,
As it relentlessly presses forward:
What if?
What if I had spoken my mind?
What if I had cast aside my fears?
What if you had agreed?
Where would we be today?

But today is not yesterday
And yesterday is not tomorrow
So I go about daily life,
Forcing normality throughout.
If you chant a word long enough,
It begins to lose meaning
Dissecting compound consonants
To revel in the flesh of vowels.

For now, I revel in our memories
Remembering our magical times together
Hoping that one day you will return
In person
So that we can rewind a bit
This film called Life
And press play again.

This time we will do it right.”


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