New Year 2021

Wow. This year. Just, wow.

I, like many of you, want this new year to bring a clean slate. Open the doors and let this stale air out to make way for a new, fresh, clean breeze. The thing is,  tomorrow we will wake up and face the same challenges we faced today. The difference will be the knowledge and insight we have gained.

With each tomorrow,  the promise of stuggle is there. It is all part of being human. But with the passing of yet another year, our strength to navigate that struggle has grown. We are now a whole year wiser, tougher, and more resilient than we ever were before.

This year will not be miraculously easier. But we are collectively better equipped to make it through. Maybe that is the magic of the New Year.

Happy New Year to you all. Each one of you, carry on, we’ve got this!

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