Just For Today

If I’m really being honest, I am extremely uncomfortable not having the answers, not knowing what’s next, or what to do.

But the truth is, all I can do is live in this moment, this day. If I can do that, I can crush it. If I look too far ahead I feel overwhelmed and inadequate to tackle the big things in life.

But one moment, one day, that I can do.

Years ago I heard someone say, “Just do the next right thing.” That has stuck with me all these years.

We all know what’s right and what’s wrong for us. Maybe not for anyone else, but for ourselves.

Sometimes our circumstances are not our own making. Sometimes we have to find a way to live with the decisions and choices others have made.

So perhaps if we can live this life one moment at a time, doing just the next right thing, we will find that we can conquer anything life throws our way.

Here’s to today.

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