Give Him to Me for a Few Days, I’ll Man Him Up.

My son does not need to be “manned up”.

He is 4.

He is a child. An innocent little boy.

He likes dresses, and princesses, and dolls (oh my!).

He likes dinosaurs, and farm animals, and tools too.

You think he needs to go camping or hunting, or stop loving princesses to be a man?

Those are genuinely your own hang-ups telling you that. And, again he’s 4, not a man.

You think he likes sparkles and ice wielding princesses because he is being raised by two women. Think again…

Open your eyes. Little boys the world over are obsessed with her. And why not? She is strong, powerful and deeply relatable.

What I will not except, is any one person in our lives ever telling him or us (or continuing to talk behind our backs) about how he needs to change.

He is the most stunningly beautiful soul I, and frankly, you have ever had the privilege to know.

His light will not be squashed or snuffed out by his parents, let alone any other less significant people.

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