Why must the crack of dawn come so early in the morning?

So that I can catch this view before it’s too late.
So that I have enough time to read at least one of those books in the leaning tower that my son is trying to juggle down the stairs.


Why can’t he get himself dressed without delay just this once?

So that I can be reminded that he does still need me.

So that I have to focus on helping him long enough to forget all about whatever early morning stresses I was stressing about.


Why is this perpetual traffic jam trying to make me late right now?

So that I am forced to slow down.

So that I may glance in the rearview mirror while idly chatting with that charmingly curious 3-year-old in the back seat.


Shifting my perspective today during these few instances has made these mundane Monday tasks feel a little bit more like magnificent moments instead.

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