Do you see it sitting there?

It’s not much to look at.  It doesn’t shine or sparkle.  It wouldn’t normally catch my eye, next to all that healthy food because you know – good intentions.

But today, that lunch box almost made me cry.Because today, I didn’t have to make a lunch.

Today my wife made the coffee, and our sons lunch, before she even woke me up.

That’s better than taking me to dinner, or buying me flowers.  That’s gold in my book!

Today, my wife woke up and let the dog out, fed her and fed the cats before making that lunch, or that coffee.

She probably cleaned the litter box too, but I wouldn’t know because she doesn’t make it a point to tell me.

Today, my wife went into our sons room and picked out his clothes for the day after starting the coffee and making the lunch and feeding the animals and letting the dog out.

Each of those things were done before walking back upstairs to tap me on the shoulder and gently waking me up.  She does all of that even knowing I will wake up grumpy, at first, every day.

She did all of those things, and before she left she looked at me, tying up the garbage, and said, “Do you want to walk down to take the garbage out together?”

Today, like every other hard day, for as long as I can remember, my wife did all of those things. She does these things because sometimes, I just can’t do them.  Sometimes, she knows it is hard enough to get up and get going, without all of those normal “to do’s”.

This one is for her, my wife.


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  1. This made my eyes well up. Love you guys 😘 #relationshipgoals!
    I never realized how much we had in common Jen! I am surprised sometimes how deepley I relate to your words and posts!! As a single mom who does it all by myself and does want to cry most mornings at the thought of having to make the lunch and help with outfit and make sure backpack is packed with what he needs let alone get my own self ready. My anxiety is so bad sometimes I feel like I’m literally spinning and drowning. I would never change any of it I LOVE being his mom but it is hard as fuck! Excuse my language LOL. You are lucky actually you both are lucky to have each other and I feel lucky to be your guys friend. Have a great day! Thanks for sharing! See you soon

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