I See You

To the woman out there *still* fighting for your mental health after years and years of trying. Years of thinking if only you just tried a little harder.

I see you, and I know you have never stopped trying your hardest. This isn’t your fault.

To the woman who somehow gets up every morning, maybe takes a shower, maybe not. But at least puts her face on for the world, because god forbid they see her for who she really is.

I see you, and I know who you truly are.

To the woman struggling to make the lunches before school and work; how can PB&J be so damn hard, you ask yourself. How can these two slices of bread bring you to tears? But they do.

I see you, and it will get easier.

To the woman driving your child to school, the whole way thinking that the morning could have been better if only you could be better.

I see you, and you are more than enough.

To the woman holding the door for others with a smile, because right now, just isn’t the time to lose it. Not the time to fall apart . Right now, it is time for work. Hold it together.

I see you, and I know how hard it is to be high functioning when you feel like falling apart.

To the woman choking back tears while in public. Tears that came out of nowhere. Tears over nothing. Maybe something, but mostly nothing. It’s okay if you don’t know why you’re crying.

I see you, and I am crying with you.

To the grown woman trying day after day to fit in, when, you feel you don’t. You know you’re not nice enough, not good enough, not cool enough, not fun enough.

I see you, and you are enough for the people who matter.

And you, trying to be perfect, to make up for everything you think that you lack.

I see you, and perfect is overrated.

Hey, you, crying alone in the bathroom so that your family can’t hear you. Because, what are you going to say for the 700th time when they ask you “what’s wrong”? Who knows, maybe you are overwhelmed with laundry, or dinner, or bath time, or feeling like a completely inadequate parent. Or maybe today it is just hard to breath.

I see you, and I am with you.

I needed to write this today. I feel like it is okay to be overwhelmed. It is okay not to have the answers. I also feel like it is okay to be more overwhelmed simply because you are overwhelmed in the first place.


(Originally written 7-26-2018. Edited for grammar 9-14-2018.)


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  1. I need you to know that you have made me soooo proud of you,with the things you have done in your life. You are a wonderful person ,mother ,child. I love you. Dad

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