Wake Up, Walk On

Wake up and put your smiles on

Everybody wake up and put that smile on.

Hold it there now matter what.

Don’t ever let it fall.

One foot in front of the other.

Do not trip, do not slip. 

Don’t let them see you falter.

Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Keep that smile on, don’t open your lips.

Guard your heart, guard your mind.

Don’t let them see you. Don’t.

Keep walking straight ahead.

Do not slow down, do not stop.

No time to think, just keep going.

Eyes dead ahead.

Soften your stare as to not see.

What may be passing you by.

It may be real. 

Do not stop to wonder.

Do not put that smile down.

Do not idle your step.

Close your eyes and all you’ll see

May be what you ought not see.

Wake up, walk on. Wake up, walk on.

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