Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.

There are moments in life that we are all afraid of.  It is a strong person that faces these fears head on.   And it is few and far between a person who learns from these fears.

“Do what you are afraid of.”

“Every time we chose safety, we reinforce fear.”

If we face our fears, we can then, and only then begin to live!

Some fear the dark parts in life.

I fear the brighter parts.  I fear these parts the most because I’m always waiting for them to end.  To be afraid of this has kept me, many times, from giving myself fully to any one thing.  Any one person.  Any one moment.

Things can be taken away.  People can walk away.  And moments can be washed away just as quickly as the tides.

Many of us fear being alone.

I fear being with people.  I fear friendship.

At any moment, people can figure out who you really are.  Friendships are often conditional.

A person may not like you who are.  A friend may not like your condition.  These were the times when I became something I am not.  I became what it was that would keep someone else happy.

If I am alone, I do not need to be anything but who I am.  Perhaps I was always the one that did not like who I was.

Too many fear change.

Change is most likely the one thing I fear least.  Change is the only way we can grow.  Change is the only way we can find out what is right and what is wrong.  It is the only thing that tells us what makes us feel good, and what makes us feel bad.

My life is now changing.  Changing in ways I truly never thought possible.  And in turn, my current fears have differed from those listed above.

I am now afraid that the limb will break.  I am afraid the fruit will spoil before I even get to it.

I now have a respect for something so dear that I am afraid of losing it.  I have never had  that before.

So, these are  my new fears.  I am facing them, just as I always have.  Yet this time, I am not alone.

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