My Book (work in progress)

“Not by my book.”

I suppose we each have our own edition. 

I never thought I had a code, or a set of rules I live by.  My life just seemed to be the life I live. 

Today I realized, my life is indeed a book.  It is a book with many versions.  This book has chapters as far as the eye can see.  The pages roll on for eternities, or at least it seams.

One emotion has bleed through the bindings of the last several pages in my book;  Anger.

This emotion is one that I thought I had killed off in chapters passed.  It appears as though I was wrong.

It is evident, now, that anger takes on many disguises.

Chapter 20


Lauren is in now in High School.  A Freshman.   Today is her first home coming dance.   She is wearing my “foo foo dress”.  A dress with a great story behind it.  A story appearing many pages before this one.

Tonight she will begin her own story.  Her hair is done up for the very first time.  Brown loops of soft hair pinned perfectly in place. 

She is standing on the stairs in our parents home, surrounded by friends.  Girls in sparkleing dresses, and boys dawned in crisp shirt and matching ties.


-Work in Progress-

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