Some People Will Change Our Lives Forever

I am still amazed at the ways my life has been affected by CMK. 

I just put in a bid on Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan Tickets, as they are coming to my town and I would like to see Costello.   I plan on taking the friend that has been joining me on my recent musical outings.  I will also be bringing my father and his girlfriend.  Funny thing is, I wouldnt have heard his music if it had not been for the hours CMK spent burning music for me one weekend.

It puts a smile on my face whenever I hear a song, or an artist that she turned me on to.  Because it is just a small symbol of what happened to my life when she entered it.

This is my time for exploration.  It is time for me to find the things that I am passionate about.  This the time in my life where I am spending so much time on the improvement of self, that I hope to have  little time to worry about what others are doing.

From time to time she still enters my mind.  But lately, she leaves it quickly as well.  That is progress.  I’m falling out of love, slowly.  I am slowly recognising that admiration is not in and of itself equal to love.

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