Walk It Out, Walk It Out! (Thank Goodness for Good People, and Hummus!)

I understand why you wanna try
Make him stay home late at night
But if wanna go he’ll be gone no lie
I can’t explain how many times I tried
How many times I cried
Thinkin about mine and where he might be
Remember when I gave everything I got
Couldn’t get deep down inside
How i loved someone who didn’t love me

But now I get if he don’t wanna
Love you the right way he ain’t gonna
It ain’t where he’s at it’s where he
Where he wanna be

If he ain’t gonna love you
The way he should
Then let it go
If he ain’t gonna treat you
The way he should
Then let it go

Okay so I was very sceptical of this song at first.  Ashley put it in the radio and it was very… well… not my style.  LOL  But she told me to listen to the words, and sure enough, I did. 

Aside from the it being about a guy, she was right about the song.  She told me it was to be my new song.  I don’t know about all that…   But I was touched that she was intuative enough to know that the song is about exactly what I am having a problem with.

I had to ask Col to leave me, because I am not strong enough to let go even when I was being hurt so bad.  I know in my head that I deserve nothing less than I am able to give.  However, my heart continues to let me get trampled.  I just thought she would finally change.

Anywho:  The words in the song; “If he can’t love you the way he should, that let it go” are the words that I keep trying to repeat in my head.

Damn:  Jack Johnson is on the Radio AGAIN!!!

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