Okay, Enough Rambling, In Responce to My Love….

Baby, it tore my heart to pieces to see watch the tears fall from your eyes.  It was all I could do to stay mad at you.  My heart was screaming:

“Pick her up! Hold her!  Tell her you love her!”

You know I could not.  I had to keep my distance.  The petty arguments had gone too far, for to long.  Giving in would have only made it appear that this behavior was not ripping me apart, and pushing me so far away. I was so afraid that if I even touched you, you would shy away from me.  All I wanted was to hold you close and let you cry on my shoulders.

But, baby, you know I wanted to hold you.  Leaning down and placing my hand on your foot was such bullshit!  I don’t know why I kept the wall up.  I guess I was just very tired of being taken to the ground by your words.  I was afraid it would happen again, and that it would make me a fool for staying.

1) I do love you unconditionally.

             I would not have been able to drive away from you that night.  I will never drive away.  I will always communicate with you.

2) You are only as strong as you believe you are.

            I am not asking you to be anything you are not.  That would go totally against my unconditional love for you.  I know more that anything, that people are not pillars.  People can not be expected to withstand everything and anything.  Not alone.  You seem so afraid that I am expecting you to be stronger than you are, and yet in the next breath you tell me that you don’t need anyone.

3)  Point Blank;  I am sure there are people who expect us to fail.

              Our whole lives people have expected us to fail at one thing or another.  When love fails, there is no-one to blame.   And those who cast blame do not know the meaning of love.  You are right, I am there with you.  I fully understand where you are coming from when if comes to this part of your writing.  If I could take away all of the pain that is being cause by your lost friendship right now, I would.  I know, however, that it is best for me to leave it alone.  I did not cause this rift.  I feel awful.  I killed me to watch her ignore you.  I wanted nothing more that for things to be normal.  But baby, my sweet, sweet baby, it is not you, nor I who is causing this.  These people will get over it.  All things take time. (gosh that is lame) But so true.  You name it, and I’ll do it for you my love.  If there really was something that you believed I could do or say to change this situation, tell me, and I will do it!

To be Continued…. (Damn I only got to three lines)

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