Three Words

I love you! 

I love knowing you

I love getting to know you

I love looking at you

I love staring at you in the morning while you sleep

I love watching you do crossword puzzles

I love the paceince that you instill in me

I love playing darts with you

I love your q-tip hair

I love rope burn on my neck

I love thinking back and laughing at “nothing fights”

I love the antisipation that builds in me over 5.5 hours of driving

I love aliens in your closet

I love camping with my “buddy”

I love almost flipping a canoe

I love stopping ever hour for a bathroom (damn the pink pill)

I love scapeing the mouse off the dart board

I love English Muffins in the morning

I love red wine all over my white tank

I love racing through the grocery store

I love watching you play “rock star” in the passangers seat of my car

I love “No way, did you really eat a hot dog while we were there?”

I love “Where’s Colleen, I wonder if she would want to go for a walk?”

I love making you shy

I love your tell

I love when you make me shy and my feet twitch

I love “Oh shiv, I almost just ran into a truck!”

I love “Hey, is this the girl in the Taurus?”

I love “So the last time I checked, I didn’t own any pink thongs…”

I love the Ping Pong sign at the Airport

I love making out in the truck/on the truck

I love my giggleing girlfriend at the door

I love scubbing your back

I love “Wal-Mart does it to me every time.”

I love “So does that mean I get to watch more battlestar?”

I love you, you sick fuck!

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