Stick to your guns.

When it comes to love, sex, and your emotional wellbeing…

Do not..

  • give in
  • stray from your gut feeling
  • give up
  • settle… for anything less than you are truly looking for
  • hear only what you want to hear
  • think he means something else, they say what they mean and mean what they say: nothing less;nothing more
  • let go of your dignity
  • give into temptation
  • think he will want you if ____.  Fill that blank with anything at all, if someone doesn’t want you just as you are, you don’t want them.
  • rush
  • push
  • give less than you have to give
  • hold back (tied into the above stated)
  • give more than you have inside of you to give
  • disregard feelings, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the moment
  • tell someone they are wrong for feeling the way they do.  Everyone is entitled to feel the way they feel.  It is your job to reassure them that “it” is alright.
  • Fake anything


  • give 100% in all that you do
  • tell them today not tomorrow
  • tell them you feel used/hurt/lonely/scared; just tell them
  • be the listener that you would like to have
  • say no; if you want to say no
  • say yes; if you want to say yes
  • leave room for mistakes
  • show up, even after an argument
  • fight, it builds strength
  • stay true to yourself, and all others
  • be attentive; to everything
  • love people; there is something in everyone that you can find to love… I swear!
  • ask for help
  • let yourself receive
  • blush
  • giggle
  • laugh out loud in bed
  • try something new
  • know when to move on
  • have the strength to drop someone on their head, they will be okay, you can pick them up if they don’t make it alone.

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